Trusted CAD drafting services in Masterton and surrounds

At CAD Services and Design we are committed to helping get your project off the ground. Based in Masterton, yet servicing throughout the Wairarapa, Wellington surrounds and Manwatu, our small yet dedicated local team has the experience, expertise and knowledge to provide CAD drafting services of the highest standards for a range of projects, regardless of their size. We never compromise on quality and can offer solutions designed to suit your budget. You can count on us to follow through every time. We look forward to working with you.

Past Design Projects

Pasture Meter: A simple-to-use device designed to electronically measure grass cover. It enables farmers to make timely decisions from consistently accurate data for planning grazing rotations, identifying potential feed surpluses or shortages and to fully utilise their pasture resource to enable their farming operation to realise its full potential.

12 Meter Boom: 12 Meter Agricultural Spraying Boom with unique lift and tilt mechanism and break-away safety feature.

Hydromiser Redesign: The hydromiser redesign includes re-directing of the spray fluid over an aluminium motor casing, acting as a heat sink. It also offers improved ventury valve design sucking up the excess fluid and protecting from ingress of stray grass seeds. Finally, the complete assembly is reduced in size considerably, thus causing less chance of getting snagged in the crops. 

Past Architectural & Structural Projects

We offer full working plans and documentation for Alterations and Additions, Relocated Houses and New Builds. We can also act as your agent during the application 
process. We also offer Steel Detailing and Structural Services

Alteration - early 1970s Beasley Kitset Home used as a beach house in Riversdale, New Zealand. See Fig. 1

Relocate - 1920/30s Villa relocated from Building Relocaters yards to clients' rural building site. See Fig. 2

New Build - 300 sqm new build house in Martinborough, New Zealand to clients specifications. See Fig. 3

Steel Detailing - Farmers, Masterton, NZ; Briscoes, Masterton, NZ; VTNZ, Masterton, NZ and more.

Structural Services - VTNZ, Masterton, NZ; Norwoods, Masterton, NZ; Tait 'n' McKenzie, Featherston, NZ and more
Pinecone Timber Buildings TM
residential and commercial structural services
Past Design Projects
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